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Catch the travel bug and visit 100 places Before You Die

Kunfunadhoo was a deserted island in the Indian Ocean idyll of the Maldives until Eva and Sonu Shivdasani built their first resort there, in the process pioneering the trend for environmentally responsible ultra-luxury holidays. If that sounds like a contradiction in terms, the castaway property has proven the doubters wrong and has been fully carbon neutral since 2014.

They recycle 90% of their waste, including 100% of food waste that's used in their organic gardens, in turn reducing the cost of transporting food. Construction includes building blocks made from Styrofoam packaging, while all glass goes to their on-site studio where it's turned into works of art. The solar-based system provides all daytime electricity needs and 100% of water used is desalinated.
Soneva -- which today has a property in Thailand and a second in the Maldives -- also led the way in implementing a mandatory 2% carbon levy on rooms to support their Soneva Foundation which works in developing regions on reforestation and renewable energy projects.

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