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Disputes halt TFF elections.

THE race for the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) posts came to abrupt stop yesterday after the election committee stopped it until further notice.

The move was announced yesterday by the TFF Election Committee’s chairman, Rovocatus Kuuli, in a meeting with the press held at the Federation’s headquarters at Karume Memorial Stadium in Dar es Salaam.

“I want to take this opportunity to announce that with the powers I have, all election procedures have been stopped until on Tuesday afternoon when the administrative committee shall have an emergency meeting and come up with the final say,” Kuuli said.

Additionally, the Election Committee Chairman revealed that the main motive behind the pause of the election was the fact that many names of the aspirants were cancelled out without sound reasons probably to please certain individuals and that some rules set aside to be followed during election time were abandoned.

Kuuli was forced to halt all election processes after disputes with his fellow committee members fighting for inclusion of names of the aspirants being held by Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) alleged to have been involved in money laundering forgeries.

“The aim is to solve the disputes and legal conflict and the election process will resume after the matter is settled out,” he said. Commenting on the same move, Acting General Secretary of TFF Salum Madadi confirmed the stoppage of the election race due to what he said a deep division within the election committee.

Explaining further, TFF Media and Communications Officer, Alfred Lucas, said the elections will proceed as scheduled only that the procedures have been halted as they (TFF) were trying to find solutions to some of the problems which have divided the members into conflict ing groups.

The decision has been reached barely two days after the Administrative Committee of TFF which met on Saturday legitimized Wallace Karia as Acting president of the federation while the Technical Director of the football body Salum Madadi was passed as Acting General Secretary of TFF until when the court shall provide judgment on the cases involving President Malinzi and his Secretary General Mwesigwa.

Both Malinzi and Mwesigwa together with TFF accountant Nsiande Isawafo are still in police custody after they were denied bail on Thursday and are expected to appear before court today. Delegation from World Football Governing Body (FIFA) is expected to land in the country today to learn more about the plight of the arrested TFF leaders and the whole scenario at TFF.

Kuuli said an emergency meeting on the issue will be held tomorrow at the TFF Headquaters in Dar es Salaam to decide whether to carry on with election process or not. The TFF President, Malinzi and Mwesigwa appeared before the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court in Dar es Salaam on Thursday facing 28 counts of fraud and money laundering of 375,418 US dollars (about 800m/-.

They were arraigned jointly with an accounts officer with TFF, Nsiande Mwanga. The three accused persons, however, denied the charges before Principal Resident Magistrate Wilbard Mashauri and were remanded until today when the court will deliver its ruling on application for bail.

The prosecution led by Senior State Attorneys Mutalemwa Kisheni, Pius Shila, Christopher Msigwa, Nassoro Gatuga and Leonard Swai, a prosecutor from the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), informed the court that investigations into the matter have not been completed.

A defence team comprising advocates Jerome Msemwa, James Bwana, Aloyce Komba and Sostein Badule requested the court to grant the accused a bail. The advocates invited the court to consider bail to the accused persons in terms of section 148 (1) of the Criminal Procedure Act (CPA) and Article 13 (6) (b) of the Constitution of United Republic of Tanzania.

They said their clients are presumed innocent until proved guilty by the court. In a short reply, however, the prosecution referred the court to the provision of section 148 (5) (v) of CPA, which prohibits accused persons facing money laundering charges to be granted bail. The prosecution submitted further that the High Court has already given its position on the matter.

Citing two decisions given by the High Court sitting as Constitutional Court, the trial attorneys told the court that in both cases the court has confirmed that section 148 (5) (v) of CPA, as far as restriction to bail on money laundering charges is not unconstitutional.

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