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PM: We will hunt down Kibiti killers at any cost

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa yesterday reiterated that the government will hunt down all people who are involved in the killings of innocent people and breach of peace in Kibiti, Rufiji and Mkuranga districts.

The Premier said the government will defend the country’s peace at any cost and that whoever tries to break the law will be arrested and charged accordingly. He said the killers may run away and stay in hideout for a long time, but they will not stay there forever and assured the public that they will be apprehended.

The PM issued the statement while adjourning the seventh meeting of the 10th Parliament. The seventh meeting of the 10th Parliament will go down in history following the endorsement of five protocols and various bills, including natural resources bills that aim at protecting national interests and safeguarding ‘wananchi’s’ welfare in the mining sector and other related natural resources.

In his speech, the Premier said the government is stable and that it will continue to address all problems including bringing to book those who dare to violate the law and engage in criminal activities.

“The government is going to hunt down all suspects of killings, they can run away and hide from security organs for some times, but I would like to assure the public that we will apprehend them and bring them to justice,” said Mr Majaliwa.

According to him, the government is taking both long-term and short-term measures in facing security challenges in Mkuranga, Kibiti and Rufiji districts. He said the state has strengthened police patrols and supplied them with extra gears.

He added that the government through the Ministry of Home Affairs has formed Special Police Zone for Kibiti, Rufiji and Mkuranga districts and that already the Inspector General of Police (IGP) has appointed the commander-in-charge of the area.

The PM asked members of the public in the troubled areas to continue supporting security officers to identify suspects. “I appeal to the public in the area to continue supporting our security officers so that they identify all people who are in volved in the killings and violation of the law,” he said.

Moreover, Mr Majaliwa (pictured) informed the Parliament that the government is also taking other measures including fighting cross border crime by strengthening the immigration department.

On food security, the Premier informed Parliament that some places in the country have insufficient food. He urged traders to supply food to the areas that do not have enough food.

The PM reiterated that the government will not allow exportation of food and that whoever is found going against the order will be punished in accordance with the law of the land.

On the health sector, the Premier assured the public that no single pregnant woman will die due to lack of medicine. He directed all health officers across the country to always attend to their duties diligently.

He said the government has allocated 236bn/- in the 2017/18 FY for the health sector. He said 33bn/- has been allocated for children’s vaccinations and people with special needs, while 7bn/- has been set aside for purchasing medicines for pregnant women.

On land, the PM said the government recognises the importance of surveying land and has set strategies to survey 1,500 villages and five districts every year.

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