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Diamond, Basata are making secret talks

        Musician, Diamond Platnumz This Friday has made a secret conversation with the National 'Basata' National Assembly if it is only a few days since he has joined the Deputy Minister of Information, Juliana Shule.

        The singer who works well with "African Beauty" has set up a seasonal stadium with his manager, Sallam SK. However, after engaging in conversation he could not talk about what happened.

         The sure news from Basata claims that the singer came to the artists' formation center to talk to the leaders about his statements he had been giving about the deputy minister.           However, Basata did not give any information about the secret session that lasted several hours.

           The critics claim they go to the singer to go to Basata for the sake of being proud of what is going on.

           Earlier this week the singer was interviewed by the Times FM radio station and allegedly charged the Basata with the deputy minister after finishing 15 songs of bongofleva artists including two of them.

The statements made the Minister of Information, Dr Mwakyembe to give his statement and claim he was shocked by the statements of the singer on the minister.
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