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Diamond enters into action after it hurts the minister

After Minister of Information, Culture, Art and Sports, Dr. Harrison Mwakyembe said he was disappointed with Diamond's statements about Times Fm's playlist against Deputy Minister Juliana Shule, the Tanzania Communications Authority (TCRA), said his content committee is monitoring the interviewer's performances at the center.
Speaking to our media, Chief Executive Officer of the Broadcasting Authority, Andrew Kisaka, has said they have taken the decision because the interview has taken place at the station they are facing.
In the interview, Diamond replied Deputy Minister of Information, Arts, Culture and Sports, Juliana Swala from the Government for closing 15 songs last month, including two of the musicians.
Kisaka explained that their system was looking beyond the licensed instrument and that other issues would be dealt with by other authorities.
He said the matter is currently being processed by the content committee and promising to provide commentary for the future in urging the people to be patient.
Minister of Information, Culture, Art and Sports DKt. Harrison Mwakyembe said it was unwise for Diamond to compete with the government if any advice was properly presented in the right way and not attacking the Deputy Minister for emergency and ridicule.
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