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Due to Minister Shonza , Pretty kind now to lack a settlement place

Deputy Minister of Information Culture Culture and Sports, Juliana Shonza

AFTER banned to engage in film and music art for six months by Deputy Minister of Information, Culture, Art and Sports, Juliana shonza for wearing nacked , sister Suzan Michael 'Pretty Kind' has heard from the minister because she has been hit by another ivent

Preliminary information claimed that, Pretty is currently in a difficult time since she has been expelled from a home-owned home where she does not want a tenant who is wearing a vacuum.

Suzan Michael 'Pretty Kind'

"Things are so difficult for Pretty because he has been given a 'notice' in his home where he lives in the Sinza area, and now he is looking for a living, really since he has been detained and found himself losing his compass," said Pretty's friend.

Shooting Saturday sought Pretty to find out the fact where she was found open to confirm the claims and to explain she was given a 'notice' of moving to her home.

"The fact is that since I was arrested by the deputy minister I've been so frustrating, here the father of the house drove me out and in the place I had paid for the business and he was shooting me, really hurting me because I've changed but people still see me just half awake," said Pretty and confessed. that he is currently looking for a living house
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