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Former vice president has been imprisoned to jail for attacking Television station

Zambia's leader Nevers Mumba, leader of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) party, has been convicted and sentenced to three months' imprisonment for allegedly giving false information to a police officer.

Dr Mumba, formerly vice-president of Zambia, has been charged with another trial that he was faced with in an attempt to commit crime.

Lusaka Court Judge, David Simusamba, accused her of condemning Dr Mumba for three months' imprisonment and giving her an appeal in 14 days.
"I have listened to the defense of the House in frustration and, in my opinion, that as such a former Vice-President of the Republic and a prominent person, he would prevent himself from doing what he did. So I am sentenced to three months in jail and can appeal in 14 days, "said Judge Simusamba.Details in the first case say Dr. In November, last November 8, he reported falsely to police officer Gladson Mwanza that he had promised to meet the editor of the Zambian National Advertising Agency (ZNBC).

In the second case, Dr. Mumba collaborated with other people, entered without a ZNBC news agency's intention to intimidate and harass the organization's staff the same day.

Dr Mumba is also alleged that the same day he attacked the ZNBC news room threatening to threaten the swearing of President-Editor Lungu, not to be held.

He also alleged that ZNBC and his editors were misleading the nation.Judge Simusamba said some witnesses confirmed that Dr. Mumba used the words of Kibemba tribe which were interpreted as meaningful or intimidating.

He said police officers who investigated the matter, found that Dr Mumba had no promise to meet any ZNBC editor.
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