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Head of school had hanged himself until death, the reason is Distric director

Head of  School Kakonko district in Kakonko district in Kigoma, Peter Rubonya has died after being kidnapped at his office early this morning.

Explaining the incident, Isaac Japhet's schoolmaker Mwalim said she arrived at school at 12:30 am to teach pupils a fourth extra school after she had finished school last week and after arriving she realized that she did not have the The school gave her a chalk guard to give to the students.

He said in time, the ward secretary and one of the parents came to the office there with difficulty with the head of the school and after being described he was in the office but after knocking on the door they could not be answered and then they opened the door and found the body of late hanging on the table.

Teacher Isaac said the overturned teacher was teaching Chemistry and Physics studies at school without ever hearing any family or social disputes, and his wife who was a trainer at Dodoma University (UDOM), arrived at his home in Dodoma at sunset.

According to the School Protector Kajolo Kajabojabo said he met the head of the school early in the morning as he entered the office and asked for the chalk that he had received and presented it to the teachers.

"When I saw him quite open, I asked if he could have a chalk, he went to the office and gave me a box of chalk. I took it and then sent it to him who needed it, he was in good condition, but in time the incident occurred," said Kajoro.

Speaking after arriving at the Kakonko District Headquarters, Colonel Ndagala said police continue to investigate the incident to find out why the late left any message or labe.

We do not know the reason but it is important that the community builds a culture of expressing complex problems in the world. It helps to reduce stress and avoid such effects, "he said.

Kigoma Regional Police Commander Martin Otieno said after the expulsion of the deceased body found a paper written that the Director of the Kakonko Lusubiro Mwakabibi Counseling Council would kill many.
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