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I'm Not Afraid of Basata "Dogo Janja"

AFTER two weeks since his release of Wayu Wayu dance drama, Bongo Fleva's fierce raid, Abdulaziz Chende 'Dogo Janja' has dismissed the protesting fears that he feared the National Council of Arts (Basata) because he played it as 'video queen' in the video.

Speaking to Star Showbiz, Dogo Janja said, she is surprised by people to continue talking about the reasons for making a female actress in the video while engaging with Basata, saying that what she did is part of the artwork in transmitting the message to the community.

"No, I'm not afraid of Basata, you know you can not be crazy if you can not play the art, what I did is just creative," said Dogo Janja.

In the video, Dogo Janja appears to have been bored while she is in the early dress of the girl.
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