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it has been known the reason for the Red flower of Wema Sepetu on her instagram page

the most recent events of this week is the five-star Bongo film designer, Isaac Isaac Sepetu, whose birthplace was born in social networks, especially after posting a red flower on his page, emphasizing love.

Following the incident, fans and many people turned their attention to Bongo Fleva 's stroke, who had been his girlfriend, Nasibu Abdul' Diamond Platnumz 'believing they will be back after the stairway to leave with his stepfather, Zarinah Hassan' Zari The Boss Lady '.
The period that began to hear the return of romance between Diamond and the Goods, was on the Mbosso musician's identity on the WCB Lebo held at the Hyatt Regency The Kilimanjaro Hotel in Dar, where they featured the pictures of two of them in a rage, which provoked Zari and decide to leave the level.

Zari, after lifting his hands up on his Instagram page, has a black flower and has made it clear that his relationship with his other parent has reached the end and will remain the parents of their two children, Tiffa and Nillan and no longer love.

As a result of Zari's black flower showing blackness in love, the Goodman also put the red flower to show clearly that the first love has begun to split on his side.

After You put a red flower, it turned out to be a big chat on the globe with different fans each one sewing his flower, another green, another blue.

The magazine searched for the Wells after setting the fence to know exactly the reason for placing it and setting a sign of love meant that it had officially returned to Diamond or where the call was called unacceptable. When asked for a short message, you could not reply.

 On Friday it did not matter, it searched for a manager who was also a good speaker who was asked if he knew the reasons for the good use of the courtyard:

"Well, the good man has changed the difference, but he just decided to set up his own favorite image and did not have any meaning in identifying who he is for this period.
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