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Jux describes Vanessa's condition as having a pregnancy

Musician BongoFleva Juma Jux, who is in sexual relations with Vanessa Mdee, has denied his girlfriend's statement that she is pregnant and claim she is not ready to do so unless they are ready for it.

Jux has said this when he was interviewed by one of the news agency in Tanzania after spreading a picture of his beloved Vanessa network if she showed her a stomach in her pregnancy.

"True Vanessa does not have a pregnancy that is just a picture, maybe the day she had come from eating 'gymnastics' and poorly pictured, but it's not so, you have to go through plans and your partner should be involved if you want to do so and agree things can go right ", said Jux.

Despite this, Jux has continued to say "when the time comes" people will know because we can not hide things even though we do not post-but may come to post someone else by pointing us somewhere. "
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