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Member of pariament are refused to seat on plastic Chair

Representatives of Kihingo county residents in Kenya are refused to use plastic seats in their sessions and decide to hold meetings standing in opposition to not being given a good job environment priority.

The Kihingo Townships, in the south-west of Kenya, have made clear their vacancies in an open house where they should hold their sessions for a while when their meeting room continues to be repaired.

They have said that the action is shameful and harsh because they have been seating the seats for the seven-month period since they were sworn in.

Antony Rotich, who is a district councilor, has told the media that the government has been mistreated and disappointed for a long time by ignoring their work environment.

The Standard reported that the district executive speaker, Philip Wanjohi, said the delegates had been experiencing a serious problem in their environment, so he asked the government to ensure that they had completed the rehabilitation and seating of a building that should serve as representatives of the people.
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