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Polycarp Gap Announces the Easter Document of the Church of the Catholic Church

Didier Polycap Gap said he did not know if there was a document issued on the parish with the Council of Catholic Bishops in Tanzania, claiming that the document had a lot of good in spite of religious and politics.

He said the gap was celebrating the weekly church worship in Bagamoyo in the youth festival."In the last few weeks people have come to me and asked me how do you see the Epistle's letter about Christmas this year? I'm talking about it and no one goes to quote something else that's why I want to say plainly: -

"The letter even though my name is seen there is written that I am one of the writers or the executives ... I have received, some of you have received me.

"So I can not see how I could be a writer or preacher to you of the letter that was ordained by the bishops ... I believe some bishops but I myself even did not know, even though I had not been told there was such a thing coming.

"Let's talk well, when I say that I do not want to say that letter is bad." The only one is that the whole letter has mixed two things: The teacher would have been shouting at the Bishops, not to mix religion and politics.

"He would scream about this document in his own time, and I tell you I'm not afraid, go tell him anybody I have said, and do not feel embarrassed, I know maybe some have weighed on the faces, but only that's my position.

"It's a part of the document that combines religion with politics and is not a bishop's job. It's a job for you politicians as CHADEMA, as a CCM but it can not be my job.

"I can not begin to criticize and criticize the Government in its affair, and I have not been given that authority, and why am I until I accept that bishop and my calling is political?

"It will be betrayal even to the one who gave me this call." Let us analyze what is about our faith in the document, which directly affects our Catholic faith and keep it in mind.

"But what's going on to say the Government of the 5th phase of independence is doing ... you bishop of political independence have you known where you know it? And the political affairs you know and still have to say ... I think we've got to know.

"Say what is really good in the document though I do not know it as it is written but I can not deny what is good because I did not know it.

"It's going to be good till tomorrow and tomorrow, but that which combines religion with politics I can not accept.

"Nyerere made great indoctrination for the people of our age." You can not dare and sleep safely at night. "People of my age mixing religion and politics will dream of amazing things you will sleep (laughs)

"Now, young people I want is this, and if you combine religion and politics with any such bad things ... everything is so bad that you can see the grave in a dream.

"We are not politicians, we need to continue to call on those we call, those we want to be great mothers, patriarchs, bishops." Follow the call according to its standardization. "
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