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President Magufuli disappeared with these Ministers

President John Magufuli said he was able to see Agriculture Ministers, Dr. Charles Tizeba and Veterinary and Fisheries, Luhaga Mpina and their senior secretaries of their ministries have not attended the 11th meeting of the Business Council held at the capital in Dar es Salaam yesterday.
President Magufuli expressed his displeasure by the government officials after Iringa's fisheries owner Iringa, Fua Adrian, described the challenge of the small number of dairy industries in the country as well as the lack of full policy for dairy industries in the country.

In speaking President Magufuli he said that "How many dairy products are there in the country? Veterinary Minister request a reply, is not there? Its secretary general? Are not you? Anyone represented it? There is no-one? Is that the Minister of Agriculture an answer because it's in conflict ... he is not there? His secretary? Are not you? Anyone represented it? Is not there? "President Magufuli questioned.

"The Prime Minister because you do not invite them all? That's what I hate these ministers, but I'm really scared of them, I will know what to ask them, today (we're talking about milk issues today), but the ministers are not there, the chief secretaries are not there, nor the directors, "said President Magufuli.
In his reply, Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa, said he made an invitation to all ministers involved in the country's investment, including those who insisted on the conference and should attend.
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