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Men's deficiency is a disease that men fail to suspend penis and also fail to remain stable during the act of marriage. Standing penis occurs when blood enters into spinal tissues and stays in it during the act of marriage. This happens as a result of a feeling before the act of marriage, where the information is sent to the brain and eventually the information is sent to the nerve cells in thepowder.Causes that threaten this problem can be divided as follows: -

a) Error in body organisms (Organic causes)These most commonly detected infections include heart disease and diabetes, hormonal deficiency (such as hypogonadism), side effects, as well as cardiovascular diseases that can be caused by injury or surgery.The following are also another factor in this group

Hypertension of blood vessels.
High levels of lemon in the blood.
Lack of sleep.
Alcohol abuse with drug abuse.
The use of tobacco.
Spinal injury.
Disease disease.
b) Psychiatric problemsThe brain has a special role in guiding the body's functional functions, including post-penis pregnancy before the act of marriage. There are some things that can cause a man to feel uncomfortable and keep the problem more serious. The reasons are as follows: -

Diseases, anxiety and even other mental disorders.
Context of ideas.
Problems of relationships that lead to emotional stress, even to poor communication.

c) A mix of errors in the Organ and Psychology in common.

We are developing this problem, though it is not normal for a person to get older. Elders are a group who use a variety of different drugs. So this problem of male deficiency when it occurs occurs often in the form of unusual health or disorders of certain types of medicines that are used by patients. Often it happens to those who are 60 years old and on. Even so young people can also get this problem.Also who can get this problem are as follows: -

Those with health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease.
Long-term bicycles, bicycle operation without special equipment may result in the development of conscious nerves and affect the circulation of the penis.
Alcoholic drug users and alcohol users, especially long-term consumers and alcohol abuse.
Those with emotional, emotional and anxiety
Those who use different types of drugs.
Wounded, especially the nerves of consciousness.
They are very heavy, especially those who are heavy.
Those who use tobacco, which affect the flow of blood in the arteries of the arteries and the veins.

Problems with emergencies are not transmitted

Satisfaction in connection.
Suspension of thought and anxiety.
Feel bad in front of society and lack of self-confidence.
Problems of relationship or breakdown of relationships.
Failure to give birth to a woman.

If this problem is going to happen, do not run to start medication, or buy medication in the family without a doctor's advice. Medicines will not be helpful if the source of the problem is unavailable. Also the use of medication can lead to other health effects, as the investigation did not take place first.

Prepare to see your doctor, by collecting a variety of information as symptoms of your illness, the drug list you are using, and having important information about you, it is best to go with your partner because he will be helpful to what you forgot and suggest questions you will ask your doctor.

Various tests can be used to diagnose the cause of the disease. These tests include such an examination of blood circulation in the penis, as well as a special measurement of night-to-day intervals to investigate the times when the penis stands in sleep, as well as to investigate the hormonal levels of the body.

Also the patient's history will enable a physician to diagnose the patient's problem with the various tests we mentioned earlier.

The doctor has a great responsibility to ensure that he or she receives appropriate remedies based on the cause of the illness and what makes the situation worse as we have previously seen.

Depending on the cause of the deficiency of male deficiency, you can be treated in various ways. Your doctor and pharmacist will tell you the benefits and disadvantages of taking the appropriate treatment and will care more about your decision. Also your partner's ideas will help you get the right treatment.

Diarrhea drugs are widely used in treating male deficiency and have shown significant success. These medicines are as follows: -

a) Pharmaceuticals that increase blood circulation in the penis,

Tadalafil (Sialis)
Sildenafil (Viagra)
Verdenafil (Levitra)

 Avanafil (Stendra) Caution Take precautions before taking any medication to treat men's strengths, even if they are traditional medicine or those that are purchased without a prescription. Contact the pharmacist for further advice. Drugs may not help you solve the problem and may be as dangerous as: - You use nitrate-based drugs that are written for patients with chest pain (angina), for instance Nitroglycerin, Isosorbide mononitrate and isosorbide dinitrate. It consumes antibiotics (anticoagulant) or high blood pressure drugs. You have a heart attack or heart failure to work. You have a stroke or you have had a stroke .b) Hormone drugs.The antibiotic like testosterone can be used for men with hormone deficiency. For those with hormonal defects this may be the first cure Surgery can be done if the blood vessels of the penis will be swelling and causing men's deficiency. Counseling is important for patients with psychological problems, which cause stress, anxiety and even kissing. Your doctor may advise you and your spouse to consult a psychologist or counselor if the problem causes a conflict in your relationship.
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