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The court has accepted their request, Babu Seya Family has talk any thing

FAMILIA of Viking Vice President Mbangu, 'Babu Seya', has been released after the African Human Rights Court (AfCHPR) acknowledges three of their eight arguments of human rights violations in life sentence sentences by the musician and his son , Johnson Nguza 'Papii Kocha' who were convicted of rape and lawsuits, are currently unable to speak anything they can not first contact with their lawyer.

Speaking on Friday's Goal, Mbangu Nguza, a family spokesman, said that he first thanks to their three reasons to be admitted by the court and thank God for it.

"We really thank God because he acts as our petition, but about claiming compensation is until we have a family with our lawyer in Arusha," said Mbangu, one of the children of Babu Seya.

He reads the case in the case, which lasted 55 minutes, last weekend, Judge Gerard Niyungeko on behalf of seven fellow judges of the court, argued that, based on the eight arguments presented in court on that case, on Friday, it was satisfied that five points there was no violation of justice especially due to the complaints of the complainants.

Commenting on compensation for the costs of the case and other charges, Judge Niyungeko said that the court provided one month for complainants to submit to their claim for compensation if they would need to provide such time for the government to respond before making a decision on claims that's a compensation.

Judge Niyungeko, a Burundian citizen, said that the panel of judges was convinced that the three arguments presented by the complainants were in doubt.
The argument was presented by the complainants that the first suspect, Nguza during the proceedings, explained that he did not have the power so he could not do rape acts and wanted the court to issue an order for testing by doctors that was unacceptable.

Judge Niyungeko said that, another argument that was suspected was that the complainants did not find the evidence of the witnesses and agreed that the suspects who are now free from the apologization of the president did not have the opportunity to ask them questions that gave evidence to prove the mistake legal.

Speaking after the decision, their lawyer, Donald Deya, said he was satisfied and awaited a copy of the sentence in order to execute court orders after consulting with his clients.
Babu Seya and three of them, October 16, 2003 were promoted for a first time in the Kisutu Resident Magistrate's Court in Dar and read 21 total cases on June 25, 2004, sentenced to life imprisonment.

At different times they appealed to the High Court and the Appeal Court where they were all targeting the rock before the release of the pardon of President John Pombe Magufuli December last year.
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