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The court ordered Babu Seya and her son to claim compensation within 30 days

          The African Court of Human Rights (AfCHPR), said domestic courts in Tanzania in the case of rape and robbery against the musician Nguza Viking (Babu Seya) and son Johnson Nguza (Papii Kocha) were doing fairly fairly and on the other hand were violated.

          In addition, due to a violation of some of their rights, the court has allowed them to submit an argument and to determine how they can request compensation according to their rights within 30 days and the Republic should respond to the arguments within 30 days.

         Appealing to the court today on Tuesday, March 23, the leader of eight judges who were in charge of the case, Gerald Niyunge, before Judge Justice Sylvain Ore, said some of the alleged crimes included the release of three suspects in the case with the retention four of the charges against 21 were facing.

         "Their rights were not violated according to a court decision by Tanzanian courts by releasing other defendants and prosecuting 21 to four charges, but on the other hand were violated, for instance, the Queen's Court of Appeal Kisiti remained in custody four days without notice of their mistakes but also they did not have an advocate for their defense.

         "In addition, applicants also requested urine testing and blood to be confirmed as intervening for the children on the side of the republic claiming they were infected with STIs but were denied


           "On the other hand, Nguza asked for a test whether she was able to perform a marital act or was also denied," said Judge Niyungeko.

          However, with respect to the imprisonment, Judge Niyungeko said the court did not point to the case because they made the application free of charge for the president's apology so there was no reason to handle it as they were outside the law.

          Babu Seya and Papii Kocha were released for a preliminary ruling on December 9, last year from a life sentence imprisonment by a Kisutu Magistrate's Court in Dar es Salaam in June 2004 after finding him guilty of polluted and 10 children kidnapping where he appealed to the Court advanced and hit rock and therefore forced to flee to AfCHPR claiming their rights were violated.
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