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The court ordered a woman who was abused to be paid 56.5 million

             Kenya's chief justice has ordered a woman who was abused and harassed during hospital delivery, Josephine Majani, to be paid 25,000 dollars (Tsh 56.5 million).

Josephine's incident was abused in 2013 at Bungoma Hospital in western Kenya where the issue raised questions and debates from citizens and activists of human rights defenders after broadcasting on the media and online.    

       Bungoma High Court Judge Abida Aaron said the National Health Council violated the fundamental rights of Josephine Majani, who was imprisoned for missing childbirth at a public hospital in 2013.       

  The judge said that Josephine's basic health rights, including his honesty, were violated by physical harassment and abuse by nurses at the Bungoma hospital, so he ordered that he be paid. 
        Josephine said he was pleased with the decision saying that ultimately justice has taken place after one has recorded video on his phone and uploaded to a social network saying the compensation would help him to raise a child who was almost lost during childbirth. 
     Martin Onyango, a lawyer of Josphine from the African center for reproductive health, says it is a great victory for women seeking better reproductive health care services in Kenya's public hospitals.          

  According to the United Nations on the population, 495 women in one single laundry die every year due to childbirth problems.
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