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The Court orders the owner of the IPTL to be treated at Muhimbili

The Kisutu Magistrate's Court ordered the IPTL owner, Harbinder Sethi, to be imprisoned in the Muhimbili National Hospital after the accused complained of her seriously disrupted health.

In addition to Sethi, another defendant is James Rugemarila's businessman who, in turn, faces 12 cases of economic misery, shortening the money and causing the loss of USD 22, 198,544.60 and 309 billion dollars.

The COURT Prosecutor, Leornad Swai, told the Chief Justice Magistrate, Huruma Shaidi today March 28, 2018 that the investigator of the case is not complete and also are looking for observers abroad.

After explaining this, Seth stood and told Shaidi Magistrate that; 'My health is very worried, I need to be taken to hospital.'

As a result of this statement, Judge Shaidi has said that it is obvious that the defendant's health is being regarded even though it appears to be inadequate.

"I command the accused to be taken to the Muhimbili National Hospital for his health to be well," said Shaidi Magistrate and postponed the case until April 11, 2011.

All of the accused are facing 12 charges of economic misery, shocking money and causing the US $ 22, 1985.44 million losses and Shs 309 billion.
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