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The Government banned Doctors

      Health Minister, Social Development, Gender, Elderly and Child Ummy Mwalimu has said that it is prohibited by doctors to fill out health surveys without measuring the relevant pupils if they have tuberculosis or tuberculosis because they are doing so by deliberately destroying the nation by uncertainties that you can not tolerate.

         He also said the Government recognizes the importance of community participation in the eradication of TB and is currently reporting approximately 1530 of 5000 service providers at community level who have received short-term TB training and thus can diagnose TB patients and monitor their children treatment in their areas.

       The Minister today issued a statement on his statement at the top of the World TB Day celebration held on March 24 of the year when he defines TB as a leading infectious disease leading to many deaths in the world.

        So the remarks to deal with the disease as well as the various measures taken have ordered doctors to meet all hospitals and service centers to ensure that all children starting boarding schools are fully diagnosed with TB before starting a study.
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