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The government has no conflicts with the artist "Dr. Mwakyembe "

Minister of Information, Culture, Art and Sports, Dr. Harrison Mwakyembe has assured the people that the government has no conflict with the artists in the country but they are doing what is right in their work.

Dr. Mwakyembe gave the statement today (March 28, 2018) after several days from Deputy Minister of his ministry, Juliana Shule, to make a declaration of closing some of the work of the wrongdoing artists in society and leading to controversy from many of them who did not know the government's intention which is it.

"The decision to close some of the songs is done in accordance with the law and not in the personal interest of the leader of the Ministry, so it should be noted that the steps taken by the Deputy Minister Ship recently were of the Ministry in accordance with the laws of the country," said Dr. mwakyembe

Despite that, Dr. Mwakyembe went on to say that "the government does not have any controversy with artists in the country but the responsibility is to maintain the values ​​even the Father of the National Teacher, Julius Nyerere, has ever said in his life that a non-cultural nation is the same as a dead nation, this I am commanding the executives of the Ministry and Institutions including
  BASATA, the Tanzania Film Board and the TCRA to meet musical groups of groups and provide them with information about procedures to discharge their work with the relevant authorities to satisfy the content of these tasks before distributing them. "

Deputy Prime Minister Skhule has emphasized artists the importance of following the procedure by submitting their duties to the relevant authorities in order to avoid future problems.
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