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The Government has warned the Education Officers

The government has warned the education officials in the country not to provide secondary school education teachers with primary education for disciplinary criteria, but to comply with the criteria set out.

According to Tamisemi's statistics, there is a shortage of 85,000 primary schools in the country when extra teachers of high school art teachers are 21,000.

Speaking on behalf of the Minister of State, the Office of the Presidential Administration and Local Government (Tamisemi) and Regional Education Officers and Districts of Mainland Tanzania yesterday March 23, Dodoma, Deputy Prime Minister Tamisemi, Joseph Kakunda, has called on the teachers to go to schools The core aims to deal with the deficiencies.

"Do not make the secondary school go to primary school for a criterion for disciplining teachers but consider the criteria. I've prescribed that the standard criterion is the correct criterion for organizing teachers. I will be very close to this issue, "he said.

He also said that the target for providing primary school teachers by using a number of students would be limited to a few pupils with teachers teaching the classroom to the seventh class effectively.

"According to the figures, the Government has found it very good that these art academics have to be taught to teach primary schools because the government's decision has taken into consideration the issue of good utilization of human resources," he said.

He said in terms of a large number of art teachers in high school one art teacher was teaching less than 10 sessions compared with a high school teacher who was teaching 20 sessions.Chairman of the Regions of the Regions and Departments of Education, Mayor Hashimu has requested the Government to insist that the councilors continue to allocate funds for the purchase of cars to regional and district education officials.

He also requested the Government to put together joint emphasis on construction and repair of toilets, classrooms, laboratories and hostels at school.

Responding to the application on Jafo's behalf, Kakunda ordered 185 councils in the country to complete primary and secondary schools with laboratories and to instruct regional administrators, directors to allocate funds for the purchase of vehicles through their budget.
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