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The Lutheran Episcopal Bishops give a great deal of peace

The Council of Bishops of the Lutheran Evangelical Church in Tanzania (KKKT) says unity and peace in Tanzania are at stake

In the papers of the Easter message spreading in social networks and expected to be read tomorrow in various KKKT churches in Tanzania, the council has listed a number of issues that they have identified as the threat of unity and peace in the country.

The document has identified some of these issues as the imprisonment, the prosecution, the disappearance of the people, the armed attacks against political leaders, the murder

with a tendency toward ideology, threats, rape cases, and the misuse of dollar forces against the people.

"The lack of fair environment and free will and

selected in various options. All options have been violated by

malice, violence, trickery, and threats ", has read part of the document

The document has also added that freedom of expression, disclosure and information has continued to disappear in the country whilst warning and voting to end the independence of the Parliament, the Court, and the Election Commission, saying this action includes the weakening of local governments.

This message from the KKKT bishop's council has come just a few days after the Soviet message presented by the Council of Catholic bishops

"Political activities such as protests, public hearings, which are the rights of every citizen, continue to be banned by means of dollar instruments", reads part of the document of the Catholic Church bishops

Catholic bishops also wanted to drink it freely with the freedom to provide and receive information while mentioning some media suspended or suspended.

They warned that in this environment it is easy for society to break apart and even to hate the amount of harm to the threat of peace, security and dignity of human life.

KKKT Bishops have argued that the spirit of the national authorities and even helped to gain independence in 1961 without shedding blood, should continue all the time

"The freedom brought into discussion, the care and protection of the blood of the Tanzanians is unnecessarily safeguarded. Freedom and Union are our shields

which had preserved the nation for more than 50 years, "said KKKT bishops
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