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The mine has been closed after Chinese civilians died

The gold mining area in the district of Nyamitondo district and Geita region has been closed after two Chinese people have died in a mound of over 100 feet [100 m] deep by being criticized by the rifles while breaking the rocks.

The Chinese people, described, were breaking down the gold rocks in the mine without having to pay for a bribe.

The mine is owned by joint venture between Mayala Ngweso and the Chinese firm of Taichangain Tanzania Group. In a statement on mine mine yesterday, Geita Regional Police Officer Alli Maganga said the aim was to end a thorough investigation.

Also, said Maganga, the action will push the mine to implement the terms and regulations provided by the government to ensure that the laws and regulations of mining are considered and followed.Maganga said two Chinese people identified by Li Shaobin (44) and Qian Zhaorang (49) identified themselves as craftsmen dead after being seriously injured by dungers in the hole in the mine shooting gold rocks.

He said an earlier investigation revealed that the latter did not have certificates that allowed them to bruise riots, an act that is illegal in the country.

The Department of Minerals recognized the occurrence of the incident after the mine's leadership reported the accident to the relevant authorities, said Maganga, Maganga. The lawyer in the country prohibits any person from blowing a firearm without having a permit.

Initially, confirming the occurrence of the deaths, Geita Regional Police Commander Mponjoli Lotson said the source of the crash was negligent and warning mining staff to work by taking into account the rules and precautions to avoid unnecessary jugs.

October 10, last year a miner died and another survived after being squeezed out of a dust in an unusual champion Gold mine, in the village of Rwamgasa district and the Geita region at night.Geita Regional Police Commander, Mponjoli Lodson, mentioned the deceased as Felix Paul (27), a woman in Mlanda village in the district of Chato whose body was pulled out of the shaft after she had died.

The body was pulled out of the ditch with miners, according to champion of the Champions League, Hussein Nyanzala.

Nyazala said they stopped running the body of the deceased from 5:00 pm to the accident when it appeared until one o'clock in the morning.

Commander Mponjoli mentioned the accident shooting as Moses Evarist (19), a resident of Mpomvu village. He said Evarist was rescued shortly after being shocked by a shock when he shot the rock.The source of the crash was allegedly the breakdown of the rock-mass relief in the hole where they were kidnapping the youngsters, after a breakdown, described, the rubber hit the miners.
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