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The pastor was arrested by the police trying to revive the late

The Stori I'm giving you today March 28, 2018 is about one pastor who has found himself getting into the hands of the police after he failed to raise one man in central Mozambique.

The pastor claimed that the Holy Spirit told him to travel to a well known Chimoio hospital in Manica State, to perform a miracle that claimed he had the ability to do and when he persuaded the Hospital officials allowed him to enter the chambers to perform the miracle.

However, after two days of prayer, he could not restore the late life and the family was not surprised by his failure.

The sister of the deceased who did not want his name to be told told reporters that "the Kasisi prayed, prayed and prayed until he spoke in tongues. He shaved the head of the late while and he was praying.

"But no part of my late brother was shocked. One time a pastor cried out, 'Get up, boy of God !, We did not believe he would do any miracle. This is because he never did, at one point, prove his ability to restore his life. "


"From that time the priest was arrested and is in custody of the police charged with a mistake of mistreatment of the deceased. -Dear Dear
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