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The professor compared breast milk and watermelon

Students at the Farook institute of college in southern India in the Kerala province have been marching after one professor compared the student's seat to the trainers.
A recorded video band of people's comment on the lecturer's statement was posted online and many people commented on being disfellowshipped.
Others walked along the road carrying bearings of fruit in the hands.
Some women put their pictures on their clothes without a coat of arms while holding on to the trainers to describe the stresses that women have experienced when they are told everything they should wear.
A video showing Professor Jouhar Munavvir T, who works at a Farook institute college located north of Kerela in the city of Kozhikode, has been widely distributed on social networks after being published on the Dool News website.
In the record, Pro Munavvir T has complained to female pupils who tie their heads on the head, leaving their part of their chest open, the place he mentioned attracting men when it was not covered.

'It's like a piece of timber, which was cut out to show how the fruit was.' '

After the video was circulated by thousands of people, people began to march on Kozhikode roads with holding pieces of tracks and posters giving their complaints about the professor's statements
The union of students from various political allegations participated in the protest.

'' It's a violation against all women. In Kerala state such pronunciation can not be accepted, "'Nikhil Oambaye is the secretary of the Democratic Youth Federation in India, has told the BBC's BBC radio.

One woman, Aarathi S.A, told the BBC: "'I have put my picture on top of the dress because people regard the human body as the main source of sex.

"If a person is weary, everybody is anxious because there is no body that needs to be seen, and it is a shame to us if we show any part of our bodies."

Aarathi explains that since the publication of those pictures without a top dress "I have been called 'Malaya' while others say that my decision is better. '
Rehana Fathima, who also postponed her photograph without holding a dress up for a trailer, added: '' It's my body, and my right. The professor makes women like an instrument. '
One woman asked why people do not overlook the mind of a girl who reads perfectly, "either those who have the ability to sing well, to write poetry, to kick off and win the medals."
Many comments on the networks have ignored the professor's statements.
A user linked to the union of Muslims, said the professor's statement was understood out of the topic.
There are some critics of the protest asking if the student union has a goal to consider.
The BBC has tried to contact Faroo Institute's college staff for their comments but have not received any responses.
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