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Things That Will Make You to live long in new relationship

         There is no time in which feelings of love and excitement are as great as the period in which you are in the new love. When you ask many people today who are tormented by love, they long for the day to go back to return to enjoy the love as it was in the day of the end.

           However, few are aware of what to do when you introduce new ideas to the feeling and excitement you enjoy, long lasting and enjoy a romantic life. Love is like a house, while building a solid foundation, your home will be stable and building a legegege base, do not rely on your home to stay in the future.

           If you are in a new passion and wish to be happy with the excitement you enjoy today, it is good to consider the following:

   show respect and thanks

          Couples, boys or girls, complain that their spouse does not respect them, they are not thankful and that's why they do not enjoy their romantic life. When you are in the early stages of romance, respect your spouse regardless of age, rank or economic status. Even if your spouse has some weaknesses, because you love him and decide to be with him, learn to respect him.

          Also learn to be grateful even for the little things he does. Many do not realize the importance of giving thanks to their partners and the result they create crackers which later cause serious problems.

         Even if your partner has a candy, thank you because she has thought about why she bought you. Even if your spouse has given you a gift or something that you like, instead of rushing to criticize, show first thanks, tomorrow and tomorrow he will be able to find you the best things.

   get a time to know more

       who he was or who ever lived from, the skeptics say that you do not know how to dig it thoroughly. When I'm talking about what I'm talking about here, it's good to keep track of what your partner likes, what he does not like, what is fun and what makes him angry.

        Check out how angry he is and how happy he is, what he likes to do (hobi) or what kind of gifts he really likes. If you do not know him, it's easy to live with him even when he gets angry or gets caught up with something because you already know that if he is, you know he is upset or doing something that you do not like.

It will also help you to get along with him because he is angry, what you will do to be happy because you already know what pleases him. It's a big mistake to do something when you really know your partner does not like it.

    have a tendence to apologise

Many men believe that even if they err, they should not apologize because apologizing is a sign of weakness, consequently they recommend the male system without knowing that love is democracy!

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, young or old, you have money or not, when you hurt your mate's feelings, whether for small or great, you must ask for forgiveness and promise to repay.

If you are developing this procedure, even if your partner did not usually apologize, the process would be slow. You will be surprised and he apologizes and that becomes your system of life. Be careful that you apologize today, not tomorrow's repeating the same mistake, he will see that you are doing for him a purpose.

Given these few things, increasing your love and concern for your mate, being honest and honest, the sweet feelings of romantic feelings that you feel today, will end up in the life of your romantic life.
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