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This is the detail of the one who murdered his wife and hid Mbuyuni

detail of a man  named Bernard Shumba's wife of Singida was discovered by a police force in the area that she had killed her wife eight years ago and the dead body of the deceased in the mosquito was given.

The news from the source of trust says that the lion was constantly in clubs and he was arguing with someone saying he could do as he did for his wife.

As a result of his favorable civilians, they decided to inform a police officer who, with a great deal of insolence, confirmed what the lion had said, as he went to show his wife's death sentence eight years after he had killed him.

"We will give the police a good job because the master's actions are fruitful and show the remains of his wife," said our reporter who asked for his name to be preserved. "Give me the call that the bad guys are secret as a master," he said.

Singida Regional Police Commander, Deborah Magiligimba, confirmed the incident and said the suspect was arrested and pleaded not guilty to the deceased body in the mosquito where the army in collaboration with the people had succeeded in finding its remains.

"It is alleged that on July 10, 2010, in the village" After 17, 2018, when the information was found, they allegedly killed him. "After the suspect arrested and questioned, he admitted to perform the act and show the partial part of the body on March 18, this summer at 10 o'clock. : 00 pm, "said the police commander.

The chief of the Umkalama police station and his crew team died on the scene and succeeded in finding remains of the bones inside the tree. Some bones have been taken for the deployment of government chemistry and the rest of the brothers have been handed over for burial.
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