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Trump gave a warning to former vice president of Obama

       US President Donald Trump has made it clear that he is tired of the threats from the former president of the country during the reign of Barack Obama, Joe Biden.

         Trump said he was tired of the threats on his offer by the American politician from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and exposed his fears as he knew from the age of a man who was physically and mentally weak.

          "Rev. Joe Biden pretends to be a strong man. The fact is that it is a weak physical and mental person who threatens to beat me this second time. I guess I do not know exactly how I will shake her right away and return home crying all the way. Do not want to threaten people. "He wrote Trump on his Twitter page.

           Tuesday, March 20, 2018 Joe Biden addresses students of the Miami Political Affairs Academy saying that if they were studying with a secondary school he would have attacked President Donald Trump.

           "They ask me what I'm able to do with Trump, I do not answer no. I wish we were secondary I would take him to the training area and drive him to the big basins. It is impossible for the President of the country to look for women for intimidation and then to apologize publicly for a mistake, here the Republican revives, "said Joe Buddeni on the online video of the college.

          Joe Biden is said to be the presidential candidate in 2020 through a Democratic Party ticket and will compete with President Trump as he goes to the polls in the polls.
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