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Trump suggests the death penalty against dictatorship

President Donald Trump said he wants to put severe penalties including death penalties for those who will be involved in engaging in illegal drug trafficking. The stance has stated that it is aimed at dealing with increasing US users.
In his speech in New Hampshire, drug suppliers have led to the death of thousands of people, but astonished after being sentenced, they spent only a short time in prison that he said he was not pleased with.
He added that this problem can be removed by intelligence and solidarity along with allocating funds.

In October we announced this problem as an emergency health crisis that has lasted long since the past. We work with the parliament to ensure that we spend about $ 6 billion in my new budget in 2018/2019 to deal with the drug problem, where we will be we have allocated a substantial amount of money ever to happen against this problem.

First of all we reduce the need for these drugs, ensuring that we reduce the number of people who are involved in and eventually become drug addicts, it is very important. It involves the government to provide funding for projects that do not involve drug-related issues, and encourage use of drugs to eliminate harmful pain. And it is a matter within our ability. But we also offer advice, and our department focuses on this matter carefully, including legal action, and we will take action in governmental action

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