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UVCCM clearly identifies the causes of Jokate discharge

The Union of Youth Revolutionary Association (UVCCM) has said that the decision to dismiss the appointment of Jokate Mwegelo, acting as Secretary of the Department of Mobilization and Expansion, is due to resign it for a year without certainty.

Acting Secretary-General of the unity, Shaka Hamdu Shaka has given these reasons a few hours after the Executive Committee passed the ruling against Jokate.

"He was a judge and was not authorized to be the head of the department for a period of one year. Often you are complaining about the same thing as saying you are in the experiment, "said Shaka.

He added that the Executive Committee had sustained the position and that was the decision to eliminate, so they have their primary reasons.

In addition, Shaka said the position would be completed after the completion of the regional procedures and the relevant authorities to make decisions through its sessions.


Jokate has been ranked since April last year when he was shot. His election dismissed complaints from some of the allegedly-member members that were not properly followed.
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