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Vice-President gives a lesson to the public body leaders

Vice-President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Samia Suluhu Hassan has asked for Public and Private Authorities to allow staff to share games in their workplace but also allow them to participate in SHIMMUTA Games.

Vice-President has said it at the opening of the Conference of the Central African Federation of Sports and Private Associations (SHIMMUTA) in Dodoma

Vice-President said sports are very important in Tanzania's Industry as games help the body to be healthier and their work performance becomes even better.

Vice President has said he was a good football player (Netball) but he is currently practicing a little bit in the morning and in the evening.

"I know the importance of exercising because I stop practicing and relaxing and in this position relaxing until mind and work will overtake you," said Mama Samia.

Vice-President urged the Sports Leaders to manage sports issues in the workplace and to ask the Institute's leaders to set up a sports budget for SHIMMUTA's participation.

Vice-President said the election campaign for the 2015- 2020 Revolutionary Party has promoted the development of sports sections.

On behalf of SHIMMUTA chairman, Brother Hamis Mkanachi congratulated the vice-president for his efforts to promote sports in the country.
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