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Without Nationa identification card It will be difficult to own a phone "according to NIDA"

The National Identity Authority (NIDA) has noted that it will not be easy for any Tanzanian citizen to own a phone if it does not have a national identity.

It was said by Chief Executive Officer of the NIDA Communications Unit, Rose Mdami, in which he said that together with other matters the current authority continues with the registration of citizens in the 20 mainland regions of Tanzania, while Zanzibar's exercise has been completed.

He said the NIDA continues to register the Community Security Funds (SSRA) Authorities for the purposes of registering members and all beneficiaries of the country's pockets.

"Experimental experiments are being held in six regions, Dar es Salaam is Mliman City, so citizens who are going to register for low-quality phone calls are therefore advised to go to NIDA district offices to get tags because the system will be identifying someone for fingers. "said the Mdami.

Speaking of the cost of the project, Rose said the project until completion was expected to cost US $ 149 million, which is approximately shs. 335.3 billion.

In addition, in this phase that continues NIDA is pursuing citizens at Ward, Village and Local levels, but after the end of the term they will be required to go to the office of the district level at the district level.

However, he added that with the registration of the NIDA people, it continues with the practice of registering traders and miners in Mererani mine in Arusha.
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