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'Woman' give pregnant a "men" and give Birth

it has been known that the whole world that women are pregnant, but have you ever imagined that it is possible for a man to bear pregnancy for nine months and give birth?

Draw a picture you meet two people in the street, one wearing a man's dress and even his appearance is male and another wearing a girl's dress and even her appearance is a woman at all, but one of them is pregnant, do you know which one of them is? It is the one wearing a male and male dress!

Is an impossible thing not yes? So in your statement, an event occurred in Ecuador where Fernando Machado, 22, was pregnant with his demu, Diane Rodriguez, 33.

How was it? Diane Rodriguez was born as a man but himself became totally unacceptable, wished to be a woman, which later made her sexuality and becoming a woman. However, in her sexual orientation exercise, Diane explains that her genital organs have not been made any changes.

Outside she had quite a female appearance, she had breast milk like all the women, she changed everything from clothes, hair styles, walks and everything, life went on. Later, as a "woman," Diane met Fernando Machado, who was similar to her.

The difference was that Fernando was born as a woman but did not like her real sex.

The situation made her sexually transmitted and 'male' but, as Diane was, her reproductive organs did not change anything beyond external appearance.

The two met on social networks, built up friendships and then became lovers but their love was so amazing because the one who believed was a man, was actually a woman. And the one whom the foreigners considered to be yes, was evidently a man.

Life continued and later, Fernando, who now had a male appearance, became pregnant by Diane, who has a female appearance. So it became a 'woman' who had 'conceived' man.

In September 2016, Fernando gave birth safely and now nurse a baby, explaining their goals as having more children.
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