12 peaples has died and 46 other has been injued after occuring an accident - OFFICIALFEMA BLOG

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12 peaples has died and 46 other has been injued after occuring an accident

The City Boys Company BUS has got  an accident crash with Fuso truck in the District Committees area and Igunga District Tabora Region tonight and has killed 12 people and 46 others injured.

Tabora Regional Security Commissioner, Insp Hardson, confirmed the accident and said that the crash was the right side of the Fuso blown into two holes and caused the tire to break through the ribbons that dropped the direction and hit the city Boy face to face.Insp Hardson said the late bodies were preserved in a stomach hospital while some injuries were taken to Nkinga Hospital and other Bugando Mwanza for treatment.

The bus driver has died instantly. FUSO characters for initial information are said to have run away after this accident

I've arrived at SAA 23: 30 hrs from Tabora in 200Kms. The area is located in the district of Igunga at Tabora region

Car T486 ARB FUSO car with pottery load from Singida to Right Wheel Wheel has dropped into two holes on the road and scratched tire and rim in with the steering wheel off the steering rod and steering wheel box then the car no direction and hit the passenger bus T983 DCE Scania Company boy company.

A total of 12 people lost their lives, 10 on accident area , 2 while they were  sent to Igunga District Hospital.

The total number of injured 46 have been reported to Igunga District Hospital for treatment, among them 3 is an intruder where two men have been sent to Bugando Mwanza and one woman has been sent to Nkinga this night.

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