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ACT WAZALENDO secretary general has talking on the issue of Zitto kubwe to be hidden

"ACT WAZALENDO" under  Secretary general  Ado Shaibu has been open and clear that the party's  leader Zitto Kabwe has not been hidden as people say but now he has been added protection and his dynamics are being carefully examined by the department of defense and security.

Ado Shaibu claims that there are reports spreading on various social networks that the leader can be killed and said that is the main reason why he has now been protected from the highest level of protection.

"When you hear that your leader wants to be attacked, harassed or killed, it's important to give such a serious impression, so we have taken several steps before Zitto's brother had a public meeting in Kigoma Ujiji wanted to talk about the current issues in the country on the CAG report but wanted to tell the people of Kigoma where he has reached the issue of the people of Kigoma being harassed immigration and demanding public opinion so the meeting itself was blotted out and we had a party party meeting from these things that we still decided to better stop the session "said Shaibu

Ado Shaibu continued to say that

"The second party leader has been reinforced by the defense department and the security of the party to ensure that he is safe and patriotic. That is why you will see some newspapers say Zitto Kabwe has been hidden, Zitto's leader is unable to be closed but his dynamics are now controlled by the defense department and where the security of the party is, how long and why, to be in the country, that is what our defense and security department imposes on a major priority, so the leader is now protected at the highest level "stressed Ado Shaibu

After Zitto Kabwe appeared to have paid more attention to the CAG report, more than 1.5 trillion cases that did not have been used began to broadcast various reports that the leader could also be dealt with by unknown people.

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