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CHADEMA has speaking in their standing

Chairman of CHADEMA, Freeman Mbowe, said speech of opposition party in the Budget Parliament will not be there until the opposition secretariat's staff will be found.

Mbowe said this evening while speaking to journalists in Dodoma where he said the opposition camp did not even have one servant and that was due to dismissal by the Secretary of Parliament after their contracts ended in 2017 that caused them to miss even one specialist lecturer and analyze what I want.

In addition, the leader said that despite the problem he requested a permit to hire workers but was granted only three persons.

"The opposition members were dismissed by the Secretary of Parliament in January due to the end of December, when I followed the parliamentary secretary to ask him why he drove them out as a dog, and he answered me working in accordance with the regulations. We do not even have one specialist organizer and analytical documentation "he said.

He added, "Now where do we get where the report is submitted to the parliament? CCM staff are here in the parliament and are not dismissed as ours." He hoped me to prepare Segerea speech where there is no secretariat. "

Despite that, Mbowe has added that "We will not have any criticism in the Budget Parliament until they allow us to hire. We will not accept our editorial talks"
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