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Deputy minister of TAMISEMI has got serious accident

Deputy minister of the State, Presidential Office, Regional Administration and Local Government - TAMISEMI - Mr. JOSEPH KUNDUNDO survived a crash, after a car accident  in the area of ​​ Mboga Chalinze, Chalinze-Segera Highway .

Speaking at the Morogoro Regional Appeal Hospital, he was gone  after a crash, said he was leaving Mererani in Manyara to witness the launch of a wall made by the President. Dr. JOHN MAGUFULI went to Morogoro to Close  the training of MEMKWA teachers at the Morogoro Teachers College.He said after his driver arrived in the Mboga area, his driver saw a man fleeing in front of him and trying to seduce him, but the car turned around three times and was seriously injured, although he, his driver and secretary in the car were all safe.

The deputy minister was initially restricted to the first grade ward in the Morogoro Regional Appeal Hospital, after being tested and apparently safe, accompanied by the head of Morogoro Region, Dr. KEBWE STEPHEN KEBWE and the Head of Morogoro District, Ms. REGINA CHONJO, has used the opportunity to inform patients who have been admitted to the religion and to talk to the hospital staff.

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