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Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva has prisoned for 12 years in jail

The Appeal Court in Brazil has ordered Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, a former president of the country, to begin serving his 12-year prison sentence after being convicted of dealing with corruption.

Six of the eleven judges of the appeals court denied the appeal while five of them supported him. The case has provoked the state of political concern in the country.

The case is based on a long-term investigation of the so-called "Operation Car Wash"Lula was discovered to accept a worth of seven hundred and ninety Euro bribes.

Lula da silva has grown in expectation and many people stand as an Asian candidate and competitor in the general election held in October,

But the dreams have disappeared after the high court ordered the magistrate to start a 12-year prison sentence after he was convicted of a bribe.

Demonstration has taken place in various cities, protesters in Sao Bernardo's city want Da Silva to be released, "our current assembly is to ensure that our former president Lula has the right to return to the Presidential candidate and if they really do not want to see him then the only way to win it is in option ''

Some people are opposed to being released from Lula Da Silva and instead of hosting the country, "'If the high court will not stop Lula in prison, then we want the army to hold office because institutions are full of bribes, all to court'

Besides being convicted of guilt Lula has grown strongly opposed to any fraudulent scandal says she has grown strongly opposed any kind of bullying and will not accept court offenses.The 72-year-old is expected to stay in court for a while until his arrests are completed.

Lula Da silva has grown up in power between 2003 and 2011. If she came in as a candidate in the mid-October elections she might have won a victory due to her popularity.

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