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Harmonize has talk about Zari's step away from Diamond

Storry of the black flower of a Baby mother of Diamond Platnumz, Zari The Boss Lady are still on the headlines, and finally Harmonize has discussed Zari's step off with Diamond.

The WCB singer told Studio 5, Radio Five that he respects Zari's decisions because he has its primary reasons.

"I'm very careful about someone's decisions, I can not talk about it as bad or good, first time to advise someone about relationships is not," he said.

Asked if they were in relationships there were some things that benefited from Zari, Harmonize replied;

"Talking to me or helping me is not something good and then somehow you may seem hypocritical, why not say every day to speak today," he explained.

On February 14 this year, Zari The Boss Lady, who is a parent with Diamond Platnumz, posted a black dress on the Instagram network and announced that she had to break free from the official artist.

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