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I will not waste my time to test for DNA "LOWASSA"

Former Prime  minister  Edward Lowassa said he did not recognize a woman who had identified her as her  daughter. Lowassa said that he would not waste time to go for genetic testing (DNA), as the girl wanted.

Speaking about at  Dar es Salaam yesterday, Lowassa, who is currently a member of the Democratic Party's Development and Development Committee (Chadema), said that what is happening in  political issue .

The girl named Fatuma appeared in public at the Dar Es Salaam Regional Office's Office and allegedly abandoned Lowassa, who said she was her father, told by her mother's mother.

"Do you really believe that girl?" She would really have been my dougther  for a long time, first and I do not know I see politics inserted there, "she said.

When asked if he was already tested for DNA to be known, Lowassa replied "To measure that DNA is absurd, so why should I waste my time going to make that mistake?

The girl is among hundreds of women emerging from Monday to respond to the call of Regional Head, Paul Makonda.

Careers wanted women who were led to their children and their husbands to attend their office for three days from Monday, for talks with lawyers, social welfare officials and the Gender Datasheet police. Those days will end tomorrow after being added.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Fatuma said he was ready to test Geneva and Lowassa to prove his father really true and that he had been looking for a long time without success.

"I sent a letter to request a meeting with my father (Lowassa) during the period (2006-2008) but I was called by my mother in the Mamba club in Kinondoni," said Fatuma.

"(There) came a man in a black-colored car questioned me and my mother, and she left no one answering us anymore."

"And I do not know, she says she has failed to see me when she is 31, do you really believe she has failed to see me? Why have you searched for me and you've been talking to me on the phone," said Lowassa.

"That is politics aimed at contradicting one another."

In addition, Fatuma claimed she had ever met a Lowassa child named Fred and promised to help him but until now he has been silent.

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