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if that its better to be in one political part Than having Mulitipartism "MP CHADEMA Pareso"

Chadema's MP Specialsit, Cecilia Pareso, said that if the government aims to disagree and oppose the opponents, then it is best for the majority of the parties to be deleted so that it is known that the country belongs to one party.

Pareso said on Friday, April 5, in the Dodoma Regional Court when he was contributing to the Budget Discussion of the Prime Minister's Office in 2018/19, claiming that opposition parties had been detected while his leaders were arrested and arrested while others were imprisoned. He said the parties have been another enemy because they are currently being fought by the existing government, prevented from carrying out political activities in the debate.

He also claimed a few recent elections, which were between Chadema and the Police Force and claimed that MPs and councilors were relocated, leaving their parties, so they had to make some smaller claims that cost more than Sh 6 billion.

"If you forbid political parties to do public meetings, you can not come to parliament and tell us these parties have been doing well 26 years ago. The role of Mwalimu Nyerere's enemies were three poverty-stricken, ignorant and ill-gotten, but in progress, today another enemy is political parties, "said Pareso.

However, Pareso's demands were violated by the Interior Minister of the State, Dr. In the Club."I want to advise MPs, as we speak to the constitutional institutions, they work for the people, to respect the work done. Any crime committed in the country, whether during election or in non-election, needs to assure citizens of their security.

"There's one choice your party (Chadema) did not share, there was no event for any. We as a Police Force are there to assure the security of the people, and we can not let the people shake their swords and find them, "he said.

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