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Mbezi Catholic Church has been attacked by robbers

The robbers have invaded and broke the Catholic Church of  "(Mtakatifu Theresia wa Mtoto Yesu)" Mbezi t in Dar es salaam, and lined money and equipment for the massage.

Confirming the incident The Special Zone Commander in Dar es Salaam, Lazaro Mambosaasa, said the incident occurred on the night of hearing, where the robbers entered the church and steal the items, including the money from the offerings that were collected from the Easter celebrations until now.

"Yes, I have received a phone call for the incident, and the robbers has gone into the church and stole money and some of the items, the money that has been taken is the money from eater up to the day they take that money , but its value we still do not know because the incident has been reported now, in time I will have full information ", Said Commander Commander

Mambosasa said the police force was investigating the parties involved, bringing them to the forefront of the law.

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