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Passanger buses now tobe with two driverds

Police force  Kinondoni Region said buses traveling to neighboring regions and neighboring countries should have two drivers and that is not inevitable.

Speaking , today, the Security Council commander of the Kinondoni Region in Dar es Salaam, Solomon Mwangamilo, said buses and two bushes are continuous to ensure that passengers travel safely.

The bill said the owners of the buses should be aware of the safety of buses and passengers. And let's make sure there are two drivers who will fly on the navy. He said that then from the Ubungo station two pilots and border arrivals at their center are guaranteed, so no one can do the fraud due to the existing poll in the police force.

The presidential spokesman said the bombers who were hoping to leave the bus stop with Ubungo bus drivers are deceiving and doing so will go to jail. "Our task is to ensure that travelers and buses are safe from inspections that are practiced everyday and no one will be left in danger of endangering users the transport "said the Prosecutor.

He added the troops in the Kinondoni region especially Ubungo bus station to be unemployed in protecting passenger safety using local buses and neighboring countries.

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