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President Magufuli announces new jobs 1500 Police, JKT to be given priority

Presdent Dr. John Magufuli has announced 1500 jobs for the US Police Force while giving instructions, urging JKT youth to be given the opportunity and has said that not taking their relatives and friends of district and regional commanders.

He said there was a characteristic built up when jobs came for a police force, some ambassadors looking for their people and so even going to training they were trained to look for those who sent them.

President Magufuli has issued the announcement when he talks with the Arusha Region after the incident of launching a new government-owned Police Building with regional development stakeholders. He also ordered the houses to be awarded to low-level soldiers.

He said of recognizing and appreciating the major work done by the National Police Force in ensuring that the country is safe so he has decided to issue a new 1500 jobs and to clarify that he wants to see those who are employed as poor children and not otherwise.

"I want these positions I have announced here today to be directed to JKT who have volunteered to get training and in part are young people who do not have a brother, a police commander, a state or a government leader." But they are young people who come from poor families. So I'm going to ask for the priority of the job being directed to the young people in the JKT. The response to the delegates is no older brothers, "said President Magufuli 

He also discussed how the Police Force works well to protect civilians and their property while explaining when he has entered into power in the Kibiti district and Mkuranga region on the coast. He explained that in the killings 59 people have lost lives and among them are 17 soldiers who have lost their lives. life while protecting the safety of the local people.

Dr Magufuli said the lost lives of Kibiti were intent on ensuring that the country is safe and essentially it is Police who are poor Tanzanian children. So he said, however, the police have done a great deal to ensure that the killings are ending today and are still safe and even executed This is still the police have made themselves and are continuing to suspend the defense.

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