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President Magufuli mentions the people who doesi'nt want to see Tanzania is being developed

President Dr. John  Magufuli, argued that the things  that hit the government's control of the economy, who had the tendency to rob the resources would not be able to enjoy it, so they would use any means to  make sure it fail

President Magufuli issued the statement today as he was addressing the public at the launch of a wall built around the Tanzanite mining area, which is located only in Tanzania.

President Magufuli said those people who were stolen animals and transported them to the air for future years would have no reason to come to Tanzania, will use any technique to ensure that Tanzania is not supposed to get rid of the economy, so they can regulate it again.

"The fifth phase is the fight against the economic crisis, the economic war is hard, it is against all kinds of races, we are preventing theft from being overjoyed, when we prevent gold robbery from being able to be happy, who were transporting our animals alive on the plane for years to come far away, they can not he was happy. And they are the most powerful people, some of them are great nations out of the world, they will bring every kind of warfare, they will confiscate it in all kinds, because you want people to rule over them are to combine them, "said President Magufuli.

 President Magufuli has continued to say ... "There were those who wanted our country to go on, you buy airplanes, they are used to people to be caught in their flight, they are really a devil, the birds are yours, you will all grow up but the one standing there says he's got caught up, staying there, how you ask yourself Such a person, the property is yours, is robbed of yours but they are glad.

In contrast, President Magufuli has asked Tanzanians to be patriarchs and to focus on the economy of the country, and not to be happy when there is a problem.

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