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Prime minister has give thier responsibilities ambasadors

Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa has asked for ambassadors representing Tanzania in Russia and Rwanda using the opportunity to announce existing attractions in the country to attract investors to invest in various sectors including tourism.

He has given the orders today when addressing Ambassador Ernest Mangu representing Tanzania in Rwanda by Ambassador Simon Ambassador representing the Tajia in Russia, at the Prime Minister's office in Dodoma.

He has also called upon Ambassadors at the end of the year to make an assessment of the success they have experienced from their representation in the nations which have contributed significantly to the development of the National Development.

The Prime Minister has said Tanzania has many tourist attractions including the presence of animal pods, so it is best to leave all the documents that will help them in advertising tourist attractions to increase the number of tourists in the country.

He said in addition to announcing the tourism sector, he would also seek investors for investing in other sectors such as mining, manufacturing and marketing so that Tanzanian traders and farmers could sell their products overseas.

"Also learn the methods our colleagues use in improving the various sectors we have in the country as industrial and then explain how to improve them. Learning is a good thing so do not hesitate to do that there. "Disappointed.

The Prime Minister also called upon the ambassadors to identify and integrate Tanzanians living in their countries representing them in the construction of industrial economies and urging them to comply with the laws of the country where they live and remember at home.

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