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The government has promised to reduce the tax

The government has announced favor to local industries after the Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr. Philip Mpango, announces to reduce the tax as much as possible in the next financial year budget.Dr. The program will read the government budget speech for the coming 2018-2019 financial year 70 days from today.

Dr. Mpango announced the favor in the parliament yesterday when responding to the Supplementary Question of the Special Committee MP (CCM), Zainab Katimba. He also confirmed that Parliament had received a proposal for tax improvements, including livestock.

In his additional question, Katimba said the strategy for reaching the industrial economy aims to solve the challenge of employment; especially young people but leather industries are faced with a major challenge to obtaining raw materials.

"What is the government's plan to provide tax deductions for factories producing biotech crops to achieve goals?" He interviewed the MP.

Responding, Dr. Mpango said he received various tax proposals and confirms that the recommendations from the Ministry of Veterinary Affairs and Fisheries have come to the Ministry of Finance.

"At my hand I have a 53-page recommendation for different tax reforms including the veterinary industry," said Dr. Mipango "should not be tolerated by the government by the government's central speech.

"But assure me that it is a government's commitment to ensure domestic industries are given a recovery of as many as possible rentals."

Initially, Deputy Veterinary and Fisheries Minister Abdalla Ulega said the Ministry has made recommendations to the Ministry of Finance to ensure that all tax deductions in leather equipment are eliminated or eliminated to promote more investment in the small-scale sector.

"In line with this, we have made sure that the Ministry of Finance can increase tariff rates for imported goods into the country," said Ulega.

In the main question, the Citizen Specialist (CCM) Secretary wanted to know if the government did not consider it a timely ban on replacement of meat from overseas to allow meat production in the country.

Responding to the question, Deputy Minister Ulega admitted that Tanzania is the second country to have many livestock in Africa after Ethiopia.

In addition, there has been an inclination of cattle, pigs and sheep at an estimated 2,000 tonnes per year from 2013-2015.

However, the amount decreased from 2016, where it amounted to 1,182.79 tons and 2017/18 tons of 1,255 due to the existence of storms and 23 industries capable of producing 44,820.6 tons of meat and its products per year; containing quality quality and meat originating abroad.

He said in 2016/17 a total of 2,608.93 tonnes worth US $ 5,676,217.28 (Shs 12.8 billion) was exported to foreign markets in Oman, China, Hongkong, Dubai, Vietnam.

"Also, the number of earthquakes in the country is 1,632 and has a capacity to slaughter 625,992 tons per year," he said further.

"Also exported meat markets have grown in tourist hotels, specialty stores and mines in the country."

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