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These are the symptoms of male deficiency

Lack or shortage of male strength is a major problem if  will not be solved by the solution and the affair can affect its life significantly. 1 out of 3 men have problems with male strength, this is according to a study conducted.

Male deficiency is caused by many factors including lack of essential nutrients in the body. It is something that can easily be solved if you focus on eating well and practicing. A man who faces the problem of lack of deficiency or dehydration defects the following symptoms: -

1. Failure to stop her penis on the road. Usually the penis of the completed man (if you care) when you stand, should not be as nail as a nail, but for a man who is suffering from this problem his penis still stands still a lege and may fly at any time. This problem is the result of the rejuvenation of the arteries. The penis is the one that makes the penis stand upright. As the nerves move, the penis can not stand the road anyway.

 2. Unwillingness for a sexual act: Here a man becomes unwilling to engage in sexual acts even when he or she is alone with his wife. This problem is largely caused by stress stress
3. Failure to repeat the act of marriage more than once. When a man finishes a single act of marriage then he is no longer able to repeat another party. This is caused by lack of sufficient blood pressure on the penis.

 4. Arrives early 

5. Failure to stop completely. This situation occurs when there is a lack of adequate blood pressure on the arteries, as it grows. And sometimes, this situation occurs when more than one source of the male problem occurs in one person's perspective. 

6. The penis sprouts and returns in. Here's the man's penis you've got back and back in. This penis does not have the ability to complete the act of marriage.In short, the following factors are the main sources of the problem of male deficiency: - 

• Long-term masturbation. 
• Brain of ideas. 
• Diabetes and hypertension (pressure). 
• Paralysis of the body. 
• Diarrhea. 
• Illness of male cord. 
• Excessive alcohol consumption. 
• Be anxious about managing a marriage act. 
• The ability to engage in marriage. 
• Loss of disappointment of the past. 
• Eating intake of foods is very fat.• Unhealthy environments during marriage
.• The use of high-risk drugs (especially the blood-resistant drugs), causes penis muscle relapses. 
There is no good circulation in the body, especially parts of male genital organs
.• Not enough level of testosterone hormones
.Loss of proteins and thus lack of amino acids in the body.
 Poor failure produces a very high impact on the person. Some of these effects include: -
 • Breakdown of romantic relationships
.• Divorce.
 • Suicide: Some men get suicidal suicide after the problem becomes bigger and use a variety of drugs without success.

• Men's deficiency increases the r
isk of HIV infection for couples: The problem of male deficiency when it is resistant, leads to a male-in-law partner with a problem of male deficiency, outside the marriage for to satisfy her physical needs, at the end of the day the woman may cause her husband's disorders with a deficiency of male strength when they meet physically in the same form of dispute

• Overdrinking; At times men who are bombarded with this problem, prefer to be moderate alcoholics to at least minimize ideas.

In order to increase the stamina in sex it is not necessary to use intense drugs such as viagra or strong drinks. Drugs and alcohol give you a momentary energy, but it does not give you a bigger side effects. To find a sure solution, it is best to consider foods that can enhance your stamina and build your body well and give you the ability to do better sex without "booster".

For all patients suffering from a shortage of male strength is the only time to visit our Nsong'wa Traditional Clinic Center for advice and treatment that will effectively solve and eliminate the problem of male deficiency and enable the patient to recover. for a short time and to restore her happiness to marriage and the general relationship.

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