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this is the reasons for poolice force to change their uniform

It is very rare to hear a police force change its uniform but this is possible due to climate change and the cunning of some criminals where each scandal continues to increase.

Now in Nigeria Police Force-a security team on the road has announced adding another uniform type that will serve as a substitute for the army.

He reported on Tuesday, April 03, 2018. The National Police Force Commander (DCP), Joseph Attah, said that the goal of changing the uniform was to adapt to the climate and to increase police safety in the workplace.

"We announce the public that our police force on the road safety unit has changed its uniformity to suit the weather. We have been seeing our police in the squares and others on airports in the airports with warm sweats because we have done so and starting with we will start with all the headquarters in the country and then the whole army, "said the statement by DCP Attah through the official page. host that of facebook.

DCP Attah has said another factor is to maximize effectiveness in the performance of the police while working on the job market as the uniforms will make them feel isolated by changing each day.

However, the majority of Nigerians have opposed many of them claiming to be a Nigerian President's initiative, Muhammadu Buhari, Asha Buhari because the act is not publicly publicized and the government has no plans for improvement and even in the Ministry of Finance the inside was not tied up.

According to Nigeria's Vanguard network, the change will cost more than 1 billion Naira billion in Tanzania.

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